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Customer Reviews for Car Won't Start Mobile Service

Here’s what some of our , customers are saying about us:

I was visiting Houston from Louisiana. I go to crank my car and nothing happens. It was a very bad feeling. I found one place on the internet but they only took credit cards. Then a came across Chris. He said he would be there in about an hour. He got there on time. Checked it out said my alternator was good but I needed a battery. He went and got the battery put it in. The whole process only took about an hour. I made it back to north Louisiana with no problems.

Car Won't Start Mobile Service Customer Review - Andy P.

Super professional! I couldn't be happier with this service. Price was fair and quoted up front, dead battery was replaced and I am back on the road! Highly recommend...

Car Won't Start Mobile Service Customer Review - Jennifer B.

My battery died in the cold weather (it was old and needed to be replaced and I had been putting it off). Called Chris and he came out and replaced it and a corroded connection. My car has some tricks to getting the battery out and Chris knew exactly how to do that. Chris did a great job. Highly recommend. So glad I found him.

Car Won't Start Mobile Service Customer Review - Patricia C.

I called at 8am when the starter on my Tundra went out. Chris gave a fair quote and promptly arrived. He was professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. Chris checked to make sure that the battery was good before having to replace the starter. He fixed the problem quicker than expected. I would highly recommend.

Google Review - Hoa Huynh

Chris is a lifesaver!! After being gone all weekend, discovering a dead car was not the way I wanted to start a Monday. Luckily his mobile services for a dead battery came up when I did a search and he came out to my location. He did a battery/alternator test and then replaced my battery! Also gave me the battery receipt (3yr warranty guarantee). I'm typically not one to take time and write reviews but I am making an exception for Chris bc of the honesty, professionalism, convenience and the fact he was feeling a bit under the weather (God bless him) while he was working on my battery. I would definitely recommend him if you're ever in this situation!!

Google Review - J.P. Ayers

I called Chris because my son's car was stuck in the driveway and wouldn't start. Chris showed up the next morning and replaced the starter. Not only was he professional and efficient, his services were very reasonably priced (if anything, maybe underpriced). I cannot say enough good things about Chris. He is definitely one of a kind!

Google Review - Jane Black

Chris is a very professional guy and very detailed when explaining to you what's wrong with your car.He was very prompt showing up at my son's job to assist him with getting his car started...We would use his services again if the need arises!!!

Google Review - Jackie McGee

After my car had trouble in a parking garage, I texted Chris. Since it was after operating hours, I thought he would get back to me the next day. He responded within minutes. In the morning, he met me at my car, diagnosed the problem, and had a new battery to install. Chris was professional, courteous, and extremely helpful. He even identified another potential issue that I will keep in mind. I recommend this service to anyone.

Google Review - Matthew McKee

Chris is the most capable, reasonable, and professional auto mechanic I have ever used. His work is exemplary. I highly recommend him.

Google Review - David Holbrook

Excellent service overall. I texted him and he returned my call promptly. Very courteous on the phone. Gave me an estimated time and cost, and kept his promises. $150 for labor, and I paid for the battery that he had already picked up for me. Total $288 and I tipped him without him asking. He came to my apartment complex and actually showed up a little bit early. Service was fast and he was trustworthy and personable. Highly recommended. I hope my car doesn't crap out again like this, but if/when it does, I'll be giving Chris a call.

Google Review - Amit Bhatt

Great experience. The owner of the company personally came to my house and he already had my new car battery on hand. He seemed very hardworking and honest. After he changed my battery out and I paid him, we noticed that one of my tires was extremely low on air pressure. He then followed me in his truck to the nearest air servicing station to make sure nothing happened to me on the way. Once we were there, he paid for my air since I didn't have quarters. Way above and beyond my expectations.

Google Review - Justin Polk

Chris came out and saved me downtown in the rain and in under 20 minutes. Thank you Chris for helping so much and being so nice.

Yelp Review - Jessica N.

Chris performed a pre-purchase inspection for me on a used Lexus with 148k miles on it. I was in another city and needed someone local that could go to the dealer to be my eyes and ears before moving ahead with the purchase. There were a handful of other companies specializing in mobile pre-purchase inspections but none of them had great reviews. Chris was extremely thorough (checklist, pics, and test drive) and communicated with me throughout the inspection. I ended up purchasing the vehicle after his report and have had no surprises. I took the vehicle to my local dealer today for routine maintenance and their inspection yielded almost identical results. Highly recommended.

Yelp Review - Raymond P.

I thank the Yelpers too! Chris just left my house after replacing the battery. He is honest, personable, professional, and friendly. And it was less than what he quoted me!!! I will recommend him to everyone I know, but hope to not have to use him again soon :-). Having someone that will come to you is wonderful - didn't have to call around to find someone to jump my car to get it in the shop. And I truly think he was probably less expensive than had I taken it someplace (Porsche). You will not go wrong using him.

Yelp Review - Charlotte M.

I really have nothing, but good things to say about Chris and his service. He was very personable from the initial call, straight to business and straightforward. He made it out in the time he quoted me (~ an hour in this case), and saw the service through even though it started (and didn't stop) raining. His prices were fair and well in line with what would have been charged at a brick and mortar establishment, less the cost of a tow and the inconvenience of finding a ride to and from a garage. I would and will recommend Chris in a heartbeat to anyone who finds themselves with a car that doesn't want to start.

Yelp Review - Beau A.

Would highly recommend Chris and his services. Came out to my house and was able to quickly change my battery, and save my presets, etc. Saved me a trip to the dealership. He's very knowledgeable and professional.

Yelp Review - Sam S.

Once again.. Thanks to my fellow Yelper's. Chris came to rescue, he is very personable, professional & honest. Although it just depends on Houston traffic & mechanical problem. He made it to my destination within 45 min & had me & old faithful back on the road fairly quick. Yelp.. He put a smile back on my face because he saved me a tow, dealing with a mechanic shop & having to get a rental. If you ever in need of a mobile mechanic give him a call. #support your local small business owners

Yelp Review - Felicia B.

I had car problem in Med Center area when i used Yelp for help. I called Car Wont Start and spoke to Chris. To make long story short, he came and made my SUV up and running within 2 hrs from the time i called. He replaced my dead battery with a new one. He said that's the only problem. Some mechanic will take advantage on this situation. Like saying starter or alternator will need to be replaced for more fee. But Chris is an honest person. So i highly recommend him for this kinda job.. From: Jay C. Harris County RN

Yelp Review - Jay C.

Awesome service. Car battery was dead so we called and Chris came out within the time window we requested and quickly replaced the battery right in our garage. He checked a few other things and said all was well. He's a really nice guy and to have someone come to wherever you are is wonderful. I would definitely recommend Chris.

Yelp Review - Marlene A.

Very fast, great service! Chris showed up with the battery in hand and had me all fixed up in about an hour. Highly recommended and I will definitely be saving his info for the future! Thanks.

Yelp Review - Sharonda F.

My 4-year-old VW wouldn't start after work. Next morning, after towing companies balked at bringing a flatbed into my high rise parking garage, I called Chris. He was early for the appointment, diagnosed the situation on the spot and switched out my dead battery with a fresh one he had purchased on the way over. Charge was $150 for the service call plus his cost for the battery, which comes with 3-year warranty. The convenience and friendly service were priceless. I'm recommending Chris to all my Houston friends and work colleagues.

Yelp Review - Jack K.

My car continued to die and there was no power from my battery but I would have to have it towed to repair place and pay big bucks. Chris came to my house and fix the car but it wasn't quite what was wrong with it I paid him and was happy. About 3 days later I was driving up Route 45 in my car just quit on me so something further was wrong. I called Chris and told him my problem he was very gracious and concerned even pick me up the next morning and took me to where my car was broke down at Gillman Subaru on 45. In order to save me some money he told me about an alternator place which repaired it Chris even followed me there me there himself.... He only charged me for the gas I would recommend Chris to anyone who needs help and is stranded.

Yelp Review - Sidney M.

I was worried that my car needed a starter and I was frantic as to the cost of a starter replacement. First of all, I ended up calling the business line after hours but Chris still managed to answer and help me with my concern. I found this impressive considering it was 3 hours after operations. He ensured me that he would come out and see what the problem is and would not charge me anything if it was my starter. Come to find out it was my battery that needed replacing. I felt relieved and was thankful that Chris was able to assist me with my concern and get my car back up in running within a couple of hours. I am thankful that he was able to come to me and I didnt have to get my car towed in or be away from work all day. Thanks Chris and whomever else makes this all work for your customers! I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is feeling uneasy with working with someone outside of the dealership.

Yelp Review - A Z.

My battery died after a valet shifted my headlights from auto to on and I left them on all night. Since my car was in a parking garage no one wanted to tow my car out and since it was Memorial Day no one wanted to service my car. I called Chris he was able to come out to my car in two hours with a new battery for my car just in case. It was great that he did because my battery end up being completely dead and he was able to change it out on the spot for a reasonable price. Great quick service and as a young female appreciated that he was not condescending towards me. Would definitely recommend him to others in a bind.

Yelp Review - Kathleen F.

Great service! In my case, my problem was due to corrosion in the battery terminal - Juan had taken care of me and had me ready to go in 20 minutes. Originally, I was almost certain the starter was dead, but it wasn't the case and ended up saving a bundle. There was a check engine light that popped up soon after, which was really temporary. Chris, the owner, came by and patched me up for free. I'm incredibly happy to be driving my car again. Lastly, Chris and Juan gave me pointers on how to look out for minor problems and to save money. These guys are honest and know cars, so I highly recommend this business.

Yelp Review - Albany N.

Chris is courteous, competent and conscientious. I'd use him and Car Won't Start Mobile Service again.

Yelp Review - Glenn W.

Excellent Service. Dealership prices for fixing my starter were upwards of 500 dollars. But this service is much more reasonable and he comes to you!!! He also pointed out another problem with my car that I would not have realized. Awesome.

Yelp Review - Lauren N.

Great service! My car's battery died late Saturday. I got a jump and made it back home, but I didn't think anyone would be able to bring a replacement to my apartment on a Sunday. On top of everything, I'm moving out of town soon so I needed it fixed ASAP. I called and the owner promised that he would be at my apartment in an hour and a half and gave me a quote. I've dealt with many mechanics in my day, so I was skeptical and figured that an hour and a half would mean three hours and that I'd end up paying double the quoted price. But the owner, Chris, showed up exactly when he told me he would, he had the battery I needed, and fixed the problem in no time flat. The price was exactly what he quoted and he even gave me the receipt for what he paid for the battery (so I would know he wasn't lying). Honestly, this was the best experience I've ever had with a mechanic. It saved me a lot of time, money, and especially headache. I'd use him again for sure and I'm going to recommend him to my friends.

Yelp Review - Mick M.

My trusty Prius has never had an issue in its 9 years of life. When it started giving me a weird warning light at start up a few months ago, I took it to the dealership. When they couldn't recreate the problem after 2 days of trying, they told me it must be something in the way I was doing it. I should have trusted my intuition because this weekend I went out to my car, pressed the start button, and nothing. I typed mechanic into the Yelp search, and boom, ''Car Won't Start' was the first result. It's like Yelp can read my mind... I called Chris who wasn't able to come same day, but came on Sunday. He was a bit late showing up (window was 10:30-11 and he arrived at 11:30) but after seeing how he operates, I think it must be really hard to estimate how long each job is going to take. The geniuses at Toyota put the battery in the trunk of the car and the trunk can't be opened from the exterior when the battery is dead... I'll skip the details but a few hours later I had a brand new battery and my car was good as new. Chris gives you the receipt from the auto store for the battery so you get the warranty and you know he's not ripping you off on price. He charged me $185 for the work + the actual cost of the battery. I have no idea if that's a good price or not but it was very convenient to have him come to my house rather than get my car towed to a service center. He was polite and efficient. Although I hope to never NEED to use Chris' service again, if I have any car issues I would definitely call him again.

Yelp Review - Rachel E.

Car wouldn't start.... Cable to positive pole on battery corroded, and as a result with my help broken. Called Chris, he showed up on time, went above and beyond. What more can you ask for? A good work ethic goes a long way. Nuff said!

Yelp Review - Ron E.

I needed help installing a new battery in my car. The battery cables wouldn't reach the posts on the battery and I thought I should have a professional look at it before I install it the wrong way and blow out the electrical system. I found a mobile mechanic 'Car Won't Start' on the Internet (and through Yelp) and gave Chris a call. He gave me a reasonable estimate, called when he was on his way over and arrived right on time. Chris showed me how the battery should be correctly installed with this particular make/model, cleaned the cables and hooked up the cables to the battery. He also checked the entire electrical system to make sure everything was working properly. I was very impressed with Chris. I agree with other Yelpers that he was very easy to talk with, very trustworthy and I really enjoyed talking with him while he worked on my car. Needless to say, I will definitely call him again when my 'Car Won't Start'!

Yelp Review - Jerry D.

My car battery died overnight and my neighbors and wife had already left, so I was without a car to jump. Called Chris (who is the only employee and owns the business) at around 8AM and he was there by 10, and done by 10:30. He doesn't upcharge you on the battery.....only what basically amounts to a service charge. I obvioulsy could have gotten it a little cheaper at WalMart to have it replaced, but the customer service was fantastic. Also, if your only other option is a tow you'll save money there since he comes to you.

Yelp Review - Tyler C.

This was so convenient! Chris was nice and honest and repaired my truck in less than an hour. Eventhough we have AAA they came out and didn't do anything since the battery tested fine. I didn't feel like dealing with getting the car towed, waiting for service, needing a ride to the repair shop to pick up the car blah blah blah. Thank goodness for this. So convenient! $155 which was within the range he quoted on the phone. Not cheap but a good price for getting my car fixed and only having to open the front door and hand him the keys! Will definitely call again since my truck is only getting older I'm sure I'll need him again.

Yelp Review - Joy M.

Chris was great. Helpful, kind, and explained everything. My car problem was not battery related but he helped regardless (fuel pump was dead). Chris stuck around until the bitter end and even offered me a ride from there. If you have a problem, he will help and care that the problem is resolved.

Yelp Review - Steve F.

Chris did what he said he would do. He came to my car, he was on-time and polite. He told me my options and explained his troubleshooting methodology. We decided to go with just battery cables and new connectors. Could I have done this myself for much cheaper? Most likely. But I don't know a thing about cars and don't have tools, rags, time, energy and all that other stuff that one might need to do that. He even gave me some tips incase my starter were to ever go bad and some signs to listen for to possibly differentiate a bad starter from a loose connection. Will I use him again if my car won't start? For sure. Do I recommend him? Absolutely.

Yelp Review - Stephanie F.

Chris is a great mechanic and very very honest. He is very personable and let me know exactly what the problem was with my car. He personally called to let me know when he would be arriving to work on my car so he is very reliable. He gave me a good estimate over the phone before arriving and didn't screw me over after the work was done. I give him an A++++

Yelp Review - Janice D.

Chris from A Mobile Auto Service is AMAZING! He is kind, trust worthy, provided excellent auto-repair service AND at an amazing rate. 1. The price: because Chris came to my house, I didn't have to have my car towed to an auto-repair shop, this saved me time and money. His price for labor was very reasonable I was quoted between $165 - 185. Unlike some shops, where you have to wait for a part to become available, Chris just called a shop, got a price for the part I needed to be replaced, drove out to purchase the part, returned and installed it. That simple! He was honest about the cost of the part (I had done some research prior and it was very similar to the prices I have seen online). The cost of labor plus the cost of the part came to less than 290 dollars, and now my car is running again! 2. Trustworthy: Chris, worked very hard to uninstall and reinstall my starter. It was not easy to access, as it was stuck in the back. He worked over three hours to take it out, get the new part and install the new one. Also he let me know that the battery I had purchased earlier might be too big, and even replaced some parts that were old that he happened to have spares for. He let me know what I should be concerned about in the future for my car and gave me honest prices about how much the new replacement parts would cost. 3. Excellent Service/Communication Skills: One of the things that drives me crazy, is when I ask someone to come fix something, they say yes, and then I don't hear from them for hours and then they just show up at some random time. I really appreciated the fact that Chris answers his own work/cell phone and that it is NOT some operator or machine. When I called we negotiated a time and later on I texted him and asked for an update, and replied swiftly via text. He was honest and let me know that he had another client who was in dire need of help, so we agreed for him to take his time and come to fix my car after he was done with this emergency client. As for service, this project took longer than either of us thought, in the end the sun had gone down and he was still working with his flashlights and double checking everything. 4. Attitude: Chris was very easy to talk to, I had questions about my car and he explained the issues my car had in a way that I could understand (I just recently started driving this year). He was very friendly, but was focused on fixing the car. After he was done we chatted for a bit and I have decided to rehire him for future mini-projects to get my car into better shape. 5. So why him? Chris enjoys what he does, he's a great mechanic, reliable and over all a good person. I didn't know much about cars and he didn't take advantage of that, which I found helpful. Also I appreciated the amount of time he spent, so as to not inconvenience me: driving out to my house, picking up the part, returning to install it, going over what I should get fixed in the future and explaining why my car had stopped working the first place. If you are looking for someone in the local community to support who is a great mechanic and a trustworthy person, Chris is your number one best bet for auto-repair service at your home, on the road, in a parking garage where your car stopped working, etc. Thanks Chris!

Yelp Review - JooYoung C.

I'm a big fan of yelp and this is my first review. If your battery is dead, you don't have jumper cables or friends around, this is the person you need to call. The service that Mr. Chris provides is excellent , really professional. I recommend him 100 %. Muchas gracias Sr. Chris por su ayuda, Carmen from Spring Branch.

Yelp Review - Carmen C.

I can't say enough good things about the owner, Chris...he actually answered my call and was very professional. I called Chris on a Monday afternoon (following a serious rain storm that caused flooding in Houston), explained what I thought the problem was (corroded battery connection), gave my location and he gave me an estimate over the phone. Chris said it would take a few hours until he could get to me, but met me less than 2 hours later. The problem was a little more than I originally thought, but it only ended up costing $10 more than the phone estimate. After Chris fixed the problem, he offered to follow me to Autozone to get a replacement battery since he recognized that mine was cracked. Once we got to Autozone, he even installed the new battery. I was very impressed with Chris' service and professionalism. I definitely recommend Chris to anyone who can use his services and his number is now saved in my contact list!!

Yelp Review - Shana J.

Your car is dead. Won't start. Maybe you left the lights on. Oh, well. You can call a friend and get a jump, right? What if it won't start, even with a jump. Who to call then? Chris, at A-Mobile Auto Service, that's who. He answers his own phone, tells you when to expect him, shows up on time, will give you an approximate estimate over the phone, and won't screw you around or upsell you. Oh, and he's a great mechanic too, so, bonus.

Yelp Review - Sally O.

This is a million dollar idea. $$$$$. Your trusty 10 year old car is dead. So many memories down the toilet. It won't start. Battery? Alternator? Starter? What is wrong? You probably don't know. Do you really want to pay $$$ to get your car towed 3 miles to the nearest mechanic or stealership? Your precious time is wasted traveling to the auto garage and waiting for your car to be 'fixed.' Enter, I found this website through Google and was skeptical at first. You call Chris, describe your problem, tell him where you are located, and he gives you an estimate. My story: I was at work downtown and my car was in the parking garage. I was pretty sure my starter had died. Chris meets me up, takes a look at my car and tells me what is wrong. I go back to work in my building and he stays to fix my car. Chris buys the part he needs at Autozone and gives me the receipt. An hour or so later, automobile is fixed and everything is perfect! The price of the repair was lower than other mechanics in the area. This isn't even adding the towing cost I saved! A-Mobile Auto Service is also part of the Better Business Bureau and had a very good rating! I would recommend this service to anyone and everyone.

Yelp Review - Alexander W.

Prompt, entrepreneurial mobile auto repair. I called Chris on a Sunday with a swamped engine. I was surprised that he not only answered, but that he was enthusiastic for the work. He stated clearly the costs (trip fee plus hourly rate) and made suggestions on ways that I could try to fix the problem myself and/or save him time in order to save me money. He quickly fixed the problem and made a trip to the parts store to replace plugs and air filter. This guy is a real gem--for a variety of services, it makes real sense to have him come to you.

Yelp Review - Morgan B.

So, I went out to my car and realized I'd left my lights on and the battery was dead. I did a quick Google search, read some good reviews for this business online, and he did not disappoint. He showed up quickly (same evening, within a couple of hours) with a new battery for my car, installed it within a matter of minutes, and even let me know about a timing belt issue that he thought I should have checked out on the car. Would recommend him to anyone!!

Yelp Review - Giselle A.

Chris was excellent and did what he said he was going to do and it was not that expensive I recommend this mechanic service to anyone out there! Thank you for your hard work!

BBB Review - J. E.

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